An expedition from Drawno, Poland, to Templin, Germany

Our next Summer Camp will take place in July 2024.

Read our report from the Camp 2022:


Architectural master plan, ,

Presented in autumn 2020

Over the past months we have been working out our master plan for the est with Potsdam firm of architects Kühn-von Kaehne und Lange and Berlin project and property management firm Kroschewski Holzrichter. Weiterlesen

Monument preservation funding, , ,

€30 million federal grant

At their meeting on 26 November 2020, members of the German Bundestag’s Budget Committee agreed to provide a grant of €30 million for the renovation of the listed school and dormitory buildings Weiterlesen

External support – Achieving more together

The experts on the Advisory Council advise the foundation team on an ongoing basis on pedagogical and construction-related issues. Weiterlesen

A bridge between Western and Eastern Europe

The est is open to all. It is particularly important to us to make this school experience available to as many students as possible from all parts of society. Weiterlesen

Braving unchartered territory

Founded in 2016, the charitable foundation Stiftung Gebäudeensemble Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium Templin is the organisation behind the est initiative. Weiterlesen

For the Europeans of tomorrow, ,

Our mission

Much of Europe’s future will be decided in the classrooms of today. We strive to ensure that the European spirit continues to live on Weiterlesen

At the heart of the new Europe

est is located in the middle of the Uckermark lake and forest region, offering outstanding conditions to combine learning in the digital world with life in nature. Weiterlesen

Full speed ahead

The staff of the project office of the foundation Stiftung Gebäudeensemble Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium Templin introduce themselves.

Your help is needed

Out of responsibility for the future
For the creation of our educational campus in Templin, a total of €100 million are needed, which must be generated from private donations and public funding. Weiterlesen