Braving unchartered territory

Founded in 2016, the charitable foundation Stiftung Gebäudeensemble Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium Templin is the organisation behind the est initiative. It has its headquarters in Templin and a project office in Berlin. The foundation purchased the historic building ensemble in mid-2016.


Board of Directors

Anke v. Arnim, Baroness of Reitzenstein
Dr. Arnulf Conradi (Honorary Member)
Gabriele Förder-Hoff
Henrike Reemtsma (Chair)
Uwe Schmidt (Honorary Member)

Office Team in Berlin and Templin

Yashi Freitag (Communications Assistant)
Kerstin Ischen (Network and Communications)
Daniela Obkircher (Administration and Summer Camp)
Stine Marie Peisl (Acting Executive Director)
Anke Walter (Accounting) 

Building Ensemble Team
(in the photo, from left to right)

Roswitha Krämer
Cordula Lick
Danilo Reinhardt
Margit Kassube
Bernhardt Haertel (not in the photo)
Fred Malz (not in the photo)
Christopher Rütz (not in the photo)

Our on-site team maintains the grounds and facilities.