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€30 million federal grant

At their meeting on 26 November 2020, members of the German Bundestag’s Budget Committee agreed to provide a grant of €30 million for the renovation of the listed school and dormitory buildings Weiterlesen

The European School in Templin is becoming a reality

Hundreds of pupils will be able to attend a school that will allow them to explore the diverse culture of Europe and develop into committed Europeans. Weiterlesen

External support – Achieving more together

The experts on the Advisory Council advise the foundation team on an ongoing basis on pedagogical and construction-related issues. Weiterlesen

Braving unchartered territory

Founded in 2016, the charitable foundation Stiftung Gebäudeensemble Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium Templin is the organisation behind the est initiative. Weiterlesen

Full speed ahead

The staff of the project office of the foundation Stiftung Gebäudeensemble Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium Templin introduce themselves.


Our guiding principle is built on European values of peace, tolerance and culture. We will create a school that looks beyond the present day to consider the needs of the future. Weiterlesen

Ökologie sticht, Vorstand 

Anke v. Arnim Freifrau v. Reitzenstein absolvierte ihre Schulzeit in Louisenlund in Schleswig-Holstein. Nach der Ausbildung zur Reiseverkehrskauffrau arbeitete sie einige Jahre Weiterlesen

Directly in Templin

The Friends’ Association of the Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium Templin, founded in 2014, is headquartered in Templin. Weiterlesen

Our goal

We have the unique opportunity to take up the tradition of the Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium and to revitalise it for the 21st century and beyond. Weiterlesen

Achieving more together

Recognised experts are supporting the project on a voluntary basis during the development phase.