An historic school,

Over 350 years of history

For 350 years the Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium was one of the most prestigious schools in the German educational system. Its story began in 1607, when Prince Joachim Frederick, Elector of Brandenburg set up a foundation. Weiterlesen

Architectural master plan, ,

Presented in autumn 2020

Over the past months we have been working out our master plan for the est with Potsdam firm of architects Kühn-von Kaehne und Lange and Berlin project and property management firm Kroschewski Holzrichter. Weiterlesen

Monument preservation funding, , ,

€30 million federal grant

At their meeting on 26 November 2020, members of the German Bundestag’s Budget Committee agreed to provide a grant of €30 million for the renovation of the listed school and dormitory buildings Weiterlesen

The European School in Templin is becoming a reality

Hundreds of pupils will be able to attend a school that will allow them to explore the diverse culture of Europe and develop into committed Europeans. Weiterlesen

Kicking off!

11 March 2021: Work has started on erecting scaffolding around the buildings of the former Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium in Templin. Once the scaffolding is completely in place in mid to late March, renovation work can begin on the roofs of two of the boarding school dormitories (Houses V and VI).