A beacon for the future, ,

On solid foundations

The est will face up to the challenges of the 21st century and seek answers to the big questions of the day. We aim to provide our pupils with everything they need to actively shape their own future and that of us all. We are therefore striving towards educational innovations of the highest level. Where humanity, nature and technology meet, science merges with humanism, and the entrepreneurial spirit is infused with sustainable attitudes. One of the school’s main focuses will be on developing digital skills; at the same time, there will be long phases when pupils spend time away from the digital world.

Exceptionally qualified and motivated teachers will work with pupils in a range of native languages, ensuring they fully explore their talents and realise their potential. Our teachers will promote cooperation, communication and creativity and encourage pupils to become free thinkers capable of carrying out independent study.

The est will be the first European School to accommodate boarders. That means there will be plenty of time outside of lessons for the pupils to try out various sports, musical instruments and handicrafts and to develop individually in all these extra-curricular activities and in their academic work.