450,000 euros in federal funding

Berlin / Uckermark – The large-scale project “Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium / European School” in Templin has received a federal grant of €450,000 thanks to the support of Stefan Zierke, an SPD member of the Bundestag.
“Thanks to the dedicated work of the charitable foundation and the Friends’ Association, we have succeeded in successfully mastering the first milestone for this outstanding project together. After many discussions on site and in the Bundestag as well as regular visits to Templin, the next steps can now soon get underway. The focus will be on securing and renovating the rooftop installations. I am very pleased that the Bundestag’s Budget Committee has followed our recommendation and is releasing the funds,” says Stefan Zierke (SPD), member of the Bundestag.

“With our school we hope to strengthen the European idea, provide room for educational innovations and find answers to the challenges of the 21st century. We are very pleased that with the start of renovation, our longstanding work is now also visible for all. We would also like to thank Stefan Zierke, an SPD member of the Bundestag, who has supported the project so successfully on a political level,” says Dr Ferdinand von Saint André, Executive Director of the charitable foundation.