The whole of Europe in Templin, Board Member

Gabriele Förder-Hoff (M.A.) studied history and German language and literature. From 1991 to 2018, she worked in various positions in the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg.

Her work focused, among others, on public financing and budget control. Today, she manages a family business in Templin. In addition, Gabriele Förder-Hoff has worked and published as a historian, including on the history of Protestant associations and foundations and on issues related to the history of science and organizations. Gabriele Förder-Hoff has three grown-up children and today lives near Templin.

What excites her about this project?

„A European-oriented school in Templin – what a great idea, what an asset for our region! Openness towards people of other nations, democracy and cohesion in Europe must be practiced in small ways, and already at a young age. Enthusiasm for learning, curiosity and interest, respect and esteem are virtues that will be at the top of the scale of values at the European School in Templin. Because we need young people who have internalized these values in order to shape a democratic and peaceful coexistence in Europe, in Germany and also in our region for the coming generations in the future.“

photo Gabriele Förder-Hoff: © Karel Kühne