Our Friends’ Association

Directly in Templin

The Friends’ Association of the Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium Templin, founded in 2014, is headquartered in Templin. Through cultural events, work activities, guided tours and public relations on site, the association contributes significantly to the maintenance and revival of the complex of buildings.

Would you like to help directly in Templin? Become a member of the Friends’ Association.

Account for donations:
Sparkasse Uckermark
IBAN DE22170560600101009666

For donations under €200, you will receive a simplified donation receipt

View the Articles of Association of the Friends’ Association of the Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium Templin (in German)

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Ulrich Schoeneich (Vors.)
Dr. Ferdinand v. Saint André
Kathrin Bohm-Berg
Dr. Wolfram Göhre
Ove Sachse
Jan Engelhardt
Daniel Schirmer