The team

Full speed ahead

The staff of the project office of the foundation Stiftung Gebäudeensemble Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium Templin introduce themselves.

Dr. Ferdinand von Saint André (Executive Director)
>> Ferdinand v. Saint André

Isabelle Fichtner (Academic Officer)

Carolin Herms (Donors, Patrons and Partners)

Before Carolin Herms joined our team in late 2017 she had worked a total of twelve years for Förderverein Berliner Schloss (the association funding the rebuilding of the Berlin Palace) and for the Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berlin Palace. In her final seven years there she was responsible for fundraising and public relations.

Herms studied Law at the University of Freiburg, in Aix-en-Provence and at Freie Universität Berlin (first and second state bar examinations). She also followed one of her passions by taking a course in cultural management, gaining a degree in the subject.

Her first professional position was as a research assistant to Michael Grosse-Brömer, a CDU member of the Bundestag, where she gained initial experience in European law and policy work.

What excites her about this project?
“Immense technical progress has brought great and rapid transformation to our world. I think it’s exciting to address the topic of how schools can best prepare our children for our changing world.”

Kerstin Ischen (Networking and Communications)

Kerstin Ischen has 20 years’ professional experience in the areas of communication and fundraising, including with major donors. Before she joined our foundation she worked as Communications Manager at Active Philanthropy and Wider Sense. Before that she organised public relations and fundraising for Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berlin Palace.

She started her career at the Bertelsmann Stiftung and with publishers Random House and Editorial Anagrama in Barcelona, before becoming Development & Outreach Manager at Human Rights Watch in Berlin.

Ischen studied Modern Foreign Languages at Giessen University, Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She studied English, Business Administration and Hispanic Studies, graduating with a degree in Business English.

What excites her about this project?
“It is important to me personally to champion socially relevant themes within my work. I have long been concerned with the topics of lifelong learning, educational innovation, and the European idea. The campus at Templin is the ideal place to explore possible solutions to societal challenges.”

Daniela Obkircher (Administration, Summer Camp & Friends’ Association)

Daniela Obkircher’s career so far has taken her to the Academy of Arts in Berlin, where she worked for the international grant programme, to the Haus am Lützowplatz art association, and to the Kulturstiftung der Länder, where she organised several Kinder zum Olymp! educational events.

Obkircher studied Art History, Italian and Media Studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin and Università di Bologna.

What excites her about this project?
“It’s a wonderful thought that this impressive historic ensemble of buildings is going to be brought back to life by becoming a school for young people from different countries who want to shape their future as committed Europeans.”

Stine Peisl (Academic Officer – on parental leave)

Stine Peisl studied Law and History at Heidelberg University, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the University of Göttingen, graduating with a double Bachelor’s degree.

Before joining the foundation, Peisl gained professional experience in the areas of tax law, civil law, project management and communications at firms such as KPMG, Goldfish Ventures and WilmerHale.

What excites her about this project?
“The European School Templin will strengthen European cohesion, boost the local region, and enable innovative, forward-looking education for all. It is a joy for me to be able to work every day towards the realisation of this project.”

Stiftung Gebäudeensemble Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium Templin

Project office / postal address: Leibnizstr. 86, 10625 Berlin, Germany
+49 (0)30 209 76620

Headquarters: Prenzlauer Allee 28, 17268 Templin, Germany
+49 (0)3987 208 9450

Carolin Herms Carolin Herms Kerstin Ischen Kerstin Ischen Daniela Obkircher Daniela Obkircher Stine Peisl Stine Peisl